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I’m so grateful to God for always having my back in situations where it seems that all hope is lost. 

Anonymous: awww why is that?

I have my reasons. 

Anonymous: Are you looking to get into a relationship? asking for friend.

Hey sorry to disappoint your friend, but i’m not looking to be in a relationship with anyone for a very very long time. 

Find your peace.


You can’t force things to happen

just like a perfect picture you take on a random day

that you use for your iPhone wallpaper

or a song that you just can’t stop replaying

because it simply describes your feelings perfectly

without even trying

you don’t search for them

you simply…

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"Narcotics cannot still the tooth that, Nibbles at the soul"

Well, I just got back from holiday in the city of Göteborg and whilst there, I was inspired to come up with this. The lyrics in this song really mean something to me and how I feel

I hope you all enjoy it, Thank you

*No Copyright intended*

"You think you’re doing me? You’re doing yourself."
-Said every Nigerian parent that’s 200% done with their child’s stress. (via soulitairee)

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Anonymous: How would it have been for you if you hard an unconventional and hostile father?

I wouldn’t really know because, I haven’t experienced that before so it would be silly for me to comment on something I haven’t been through.

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